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‘MoPH ready to tackle Coronavirus’

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By: Shukria Kohistani

WHO has declared global emergency in the wake of outbreak of Coronavirus in China and its influence to over 20 countries, and asked the world countries to take immediate steps for its haltering. The Afghan MoPH has also reported on preparations to prevent its outbreaking.
WHO has promised MoPH to supply essential advanced equipments and instruments to diagnose the virus.
Although so far no signs of the virus have been seen in Afghanistan but the MoPH says that in case of positive cases, it has already undertaken inclusive measures to fight it.
Addressing the media, Director of the MoPH Surveillance department Jalaluddin Ahadi said, the MoPH has full preparedness to fight the virus and prior to declaring of global emergency by WHO, the MoPH had undertaken a series of awareness giving activities and how to fight the virus.
Ahadi added that upon outbreak of the virus in China, and its penetration into the world countries, the MoPH has activated High Emergency Committee in the capital and provinces.
The MoPH has setup surveillance systems and medical teams at all airports and zero points to test the passengers arrive from China and other countries in Afghanistan and in case of positive signs, take the affected to hospitals. Those who show no signs upon checking and if show signs in 14 day after arrival, are requested to contact the numbers give to them, refer to relevant hospitals and receive medical instructions.
Ahadi went on to say, the MoPH has stationed ambulance in all airports to transfer patients of Coronavirus to hospitals immediately. The MoPH has activated emergency wards in hospitals in Kabul, Herat and Balkh provinces to hospitalize affected patients and treat them.
In capital city, the MoPH has assigned Infection Diseases hospital for this purpose to prevent outbreaking of the virus and the affected people will be hospitalized in special wards of Coronavirus.
Ahadi added that the MoPH gives extensive awareness to people to prevent outbreaking of the virus. At the same time, the MoFA has held a meeting on relocation of Afghan students from China and it was decided that essential measures should be adopted for this purpose in close coordination of WHO, Afghan Civil Aviation Authority and other relevant bodies. According to available reports over 60 Afghan students and nationals are living in Wuhan city the out breaking origin of the virus in China.
Since the signs of the virus can’t be diagnosed for 14 days the MoFA clarifies that transferring of Afghan nationals from China is only possible of this ministry makes sure on their full health.
The Afghan stranded nationals will be transferred to Afghanistan only when they have no medical problem and are not effected with Coronavirus.
The MoPH has sad that no final decision has been taken on transferring of Afghan nationals from China to Afghanistan yet and discussion is going on. The MoPH would act according to government decision.
Based on latest data, coronavirus has killed over 213 people and nearly 10000 people have been affected with in China. The released data show that the virus has transcended Chinese borders, penetrated into 20 countries including India, US, Australia, Canada etc. The data shows that over 100 people have been affected with the virus in above countries and its outbreak has created strong concerns beyond Chinese borders for WHO and the latter has warned that Coronavirus will be changed to a global problem and asked them to fight it.
It’s signs include cold, asthma, fever, cough.

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