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MoIC’s priorities to pay attention to enriching country’s real culture, Minister Safi

22حوت 1397 باز دید وز یر اطلا عات فر هنک از بخش های انستیتوت فیروز کوه دید ن کرد ع خیر محمد 5

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi visited Ferozkoh, praising the organization for its cultural works.
During the visit, head of the organization briefed related to activities and works of the organization, saying that it has been operating in Afghanistan since 2006.
He said that Ferozkoh was providing trainings in the field of engraving of gem, wood, calligraphy, drawing, painting, minatory and ceramic to Afghan youth.
Afterwards, acting minister of information and culture by praising the organization for its cultural works considered holding of cultural exhibitions in regional level as valuable in introduction of the country’s real culture, saying that one of the ministry’s working priorities was to enrich real culture of the country, reflecting national unity of all tribes in the country.
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