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MoIC works and achievements for 2019 delivered

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi delivered the ministry’s works and achievements of 2019.
As part of responding programs of the government to the nation, acting minister of information and culture delivered the ministry’s works and achievements to the nation.
 Delivering the report to the nation, acting minister of information and culture said that working team of the ministry was engaged in consolidation and protection of the Minaret of Jam in Ghor, assuring of the protection and safety of the minaret.
“The ministry of information and culture is making use of all means for the protection of the country’s historic monuments,” Safi added.
 She said that the ministry was operating in various fields such as publications, media, culture and art, tourism and youth, adding that the ministry has implemented 16 development projects such as seven construction projects, six projects in the field of renovation of historic monuments such as renovation of Merwais Nika Mausoleum in Kandahar, renovation of Aqina Pool in Faryab, renovation of second phase of Qala-e-Seraj in Laghman, Amir Abdul Rahman Khan Mosque in Kabul and others, three projects implemented with close cooperation of the ministry of urban development and land.  
 Acting minister of information and culture by pointing to works and key achievements of the ministry said that 2019 was coinciding with the 100th Independence Anniversary of Afghanistan; therefore, the MoIC has launched various programs from the beginning as the ministry has commemorated the day by holding scientific seminars, various book exhibitions, handicrafts and home-made food exhibitions, cultural weeks, concerts and theatrical shows and others.
 Related to historic sites, artefacts and historic monuments, Hasina Safi said that 1413 historic sites from 34 provinces have been recorded in the ministry’s database, 4608 historic artefacts have been found from historic sites in seven provinces of the country.
 ”A relic from the Buddhism era has been returned to the country and submitted to national museum, 500 relics have been seized by NDS personnel in customs, 1780 historic monuments have been registered, 294 others repaired, while boards have been written for 824 historic monuments,” Hasina Safi said, adding that two exhibitions have been held in China, while 46245 historic documents have been digitalized.
According to acting minister of information and culture, 200 written relics have been repaired and bound and 31 tableaus destroyed during the Taliban regime have been repaired.
Acting minister of information and culture also briefed related to activities of the ministry towards protection and development of music and national theater.
Pointing to laws and regulations prepared for the publication affairs, acting minister of information and culture said the MoIC was committed to freedom of expression and supporting of the rights of journalists.
Hasina Safi also said that the ministry has collected 190,812,967 AFG incomes from production of films, land renting, Behaqi stalls, commercial spots and selling tickets of exhibitions and issuing license and others during the past one year.

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