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MoIC to handle anti-COVID-19 awareness program

By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) has to carry out program on coronavirus pandemic awareness, deputy to the ministry said Thursday.
Abdul Manan Shiway Sharq, the deputy minister of information and culture on publication affairs said that in line with the presidential order, the ministry of information and culture has to conduct anti-COVID-19 pandemic awareness program and added this was a shared work among the people of Afghanistan, media and the related organs to successfully keep the program on track.
Thanking the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) and the performance of the Public Awareness Committee led by Wahid Omar, the deputy minister said: “The Ministry had done wide activities in coordination with local agencies in this field in the country’s 34 provinces.”
The ministry, according to him, has also ensured close contact with the audio-visual and print media all over the country.
“The Ministry of Information and Culture would remain committed and with awareness about the rights of the people of Afghanistan and taking in mind the country’s treasury would remain accountable for a single penny of its expenditure in this field,” the deputy minister assured.
Shiway Sharq went on as saying that no budget has so far been determined by the government on the public awareness, but reassured that the ministry would be accountable for even one Afghani before the government, media and the people.
He said the ministry would take weekly meeting with the media and share exact information with the people of Afghanistan and would make effort to help provincial governors to held weekly meeting with media to share information about their works of the local administrations.
“A format has been done in this field by the ministry, which would be sent to the entire provincial information and culture departments so they fill the format and send to the media and the ministry of information and culture,” he continued.
He added that the format would include the budget of the province in battle against the virus, expenditure budget in a week, the volume of the private sector assistance, the number of COVID-19 infected people, the number suspects to the virus, number of dead, the number of those recovered from the pandemic, as well as the number of testes and media working in public awareness.
The deputy minister hoped the people of Afghanistan to remain safe from the virus and not to fall prey to the epidemic.
He asked the entire people of Afghanistan to remain cautious about the lethal illness by observing the pre-cautions of the public health ministry.
He once again asked the people to stay home and avoid joining gathering and observe social distancing to overcome the virus.

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