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MoIC stresses on better holding Nawroz historical festival

17دلو 1397 اولین سمینار برگزار ی جشن نوروز ع محمود شا ه 1

KABUL: Chaired by acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi, the meeting of national commission on holding Nawroz historical festival of 1398 was held Wednesday with participation of representatives of relevant government and non-government institutions.
In the meeting, acting minister of information and culture spoke and said the respective commission’s meeting was held for coordination of necessary preparations of relevant government and non-government institutions to better mark the upcoming year’s Nawroz festival.
Meanwhile, head of the people culture for information and culture Mahbooba Babakarkhil said effort would be made for better holding of the Nawroz festival.
Participants in the meeting delivered their visions, suggestions and plans for better marking the day and shared preparations of their relevant institutions with members of the commission.
At the end, acting minister of information and culture stressed on coordination and cooperation among relevant institutions, adding that continuous efforts should be made in order that Nawroz historical festival of the New Year should be held in a better way.
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