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MoIC statement on destruction of Shams-ul-Arifin in Ghazni


KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) has strongly condemned in a statement the destruction of Shams ul-Arifin, one of the oldest shrine in Ghazni, and asked security personnel and influenced figures of the province to cooperate the ministry in protection of Islamic and holy sites, historic walls and sites, minarets, palaces and all other historic heritages of the country as they are all historic identification of the people.
In the statement, the ministry of information and culture considers such acts as attack on sacred places, historic values and investment. According to the statement, enemies of the country’s historic values and religious and sacred places blew up Shams-ul-Arifin, one of the oldest and historic shrines located in Kunj area of Ghazni. It is the second that the time enemies of the country’s historic heritages have targeted historic places in Ghazni province. It is worth mentioning that mausoleum of Shams ul Arifin, who was one of ulamas of the Ghaznavian era, was built during the respective era. A large number of people and tourists from each corner of the country visited the shrine which is registered in list of historic heritages of the ministry of information and culture.

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