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MoIC spares no effort to preserve cultural assets, Minister Safi

۶اسد۱۳۹۷ ملاقات سر پزسزست وزارت با مردم ولایت لغمان ع سلطان محمود 1

KABUL: Acting and Nominee Minister of Information and Culture, Ms. Hasina Safi in a meeting with a number of elders and influential figures from the country’s eastern province of Laghman said that her led ministry will spare no effort in preservation of the country’s cultural heritages and historical monuments, Bakhtar News Agency reported Saturday.
After being briefed by the head of the provincial council and the elders, and being asked for preservation of cultural assets, particularly those of Qala-e-Seraj and Baba Sahib in the Laghman province, the acting minister said she would make all-out effort for the preservation of the country’s cultural assets and historical monuments, according to the agency.
The elders also demanded the minister to provide the ground for publishing a periodical cultural journal under the title of “Laghman” and providing jobs for the youths of the province, the agency added.
Ms. Safi reiterated that preservation of the country’s historical monuments was her led ministry’s top priority and her ministry would make effort in this field.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.