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MoIC remembers Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan with unveiling book in Kabul


KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture held a ceremony on Thursday to remember and commemorate the 124th death anniversary of Alama Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani and the unveiling of the book “Afghanistan in the Mirror of History”, Bakhtar Information Agency reported.

The meeting was attended by a number of officials from the Ministry of Information and Culture, scientific and cultural figures and representatives of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, according to the agency.

Addressing the ceremony, Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, spoke about the personality, struggle and works of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani, calling him as one of the most influential figures in the history of thought and politics in Afghanistan.

“The Ministry of Information and Culture is proud to hold a ceremony commemorating the 124th death anniversary of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani and also unveiling his book “Afghanistan in the Mirror of History” which is translated by Sayed Jawed Shakibzadah,” the acting minister said, as quoted by the agency.

Minister Zuhair also noted that the Ministry of Information and Culture will hold international cultural programs and seminars in the new year to introduce the true face of Afghanistan, including preparations for an international seminar on the occasion of Amir Ali Shernawyee’s 580th birthday and Pacha Khan International Seminar.

“We have plans to remember the kings, introduce Herat as the land of mysticism and Sufism, Sanai Ghaznavi and other scientific and cultural figures of our homeland,” he added.

Minister Zuhair also stressed that the war and violence imposed in the country must end and, in particular, media assassination must be stopped. He called on the international community and the government to take the necessary measures to prevent such assassinations and violence.

Abdul Manan Shiway Sharq, Deputy Minister of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, also spoke about the impact of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan’s ideas and struggle, saying that he was anti-authoritarian and reformist.

Sayed Jawed Shakibzadah, who translated Seyed Jamaluddin Afghan’s book “Afghanistan in the Mirror of History” from Arabic into Persian, also gave information about Jamaluddin Afghan’s biography.

At the end of the meeting, the book “Afghanistan in the Mirror of History” was unveiled.

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