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MoIC, MoPH celebrate Breastfeeding world week

در مطلب مسعوده انداخته شود

By: Massouda Qarizadah

Women support section on civil services MoIC celebrate breastfeeding world week with the cooperation of MoPH breastfeeding section in Kabul.
In a function held on this occasion in the hall of National Gallery, MoIC, General director of Preventive Medicine and Diseases Control, MoPH Dr. Bashir Ahmad Hameed said, “Breastfeeding is a natural process and mother’s milk is a God sent gift that Allah has granted to mother”.
He added, researches of scientists have shown that if in the first one hour of life, a new born baby is fed, their mortality rate decreases 22 percent and if in the first six months, the babies are fed, their mortality rate would decrease to 13 percent.
Dr. Hameed added, “Prevention is one of the important works of the MoPH including breastfeeding. Babies who are fed with breastmilk, would not be effected with heart diseases, blood pressure and other diseases, but other babies who are fed with artificial milks would be affected”.
Talking on the low awareness level of people on importance of breastfeeding in Afghanistan, Director of MoIC Media Supervision Sayed Jaafar Rasteen said, “There are many reasons that mothers don’t feed their babies with breast milk. Social and cultural factors as well as unacceptable tradition leave negative impacts on babies’ breastfeeding. We should fight this situation and improve our knowledge and awareness level on babies’ breastfeeding”.
Addressing the function and touching this issue, director of MoPH Nutrition Department Dr, Mursal Muradi said, “Breastfeeding is very useful to babies and holy religion of Islam has also strongly emphasized on breastfeeding. Head of MoIC women Support in civil services Mahbooba Sadat said, “Breast milk is a gift of Allah for babies, because all nutrition requirements of babies exist in breastmilk”. Addressing the function, UNICEF representative breastfeeding Palwasha Anwari said, “Breastfeeding protects babies against all diseases and we should give awareness to all families on advantages of breastfeeding through all possible means. Following birth of baby, all breastfeeding mothers should be supported and cooperated by relevant families and for two years, essential foods and fruits should be available to breastfeeding mothers”.
She added, our religious instructions contain important points on breastfeeding that include satisfaction of Allah and benefit baby and mother.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.