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MoIC, MoMP sign MoU on‘Copper Mine Extraction’

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KABUL: Acting and Nominee Minister of Information and Culture Ms. Hasina Safi and acting minister of Mines and Petroleum Ms. Nargis Nehan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here on Saturday to ease cooperation on ‘Copper Mine extraction’ known as Mes Aynak, BNA reported.
Based on MoU, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) to extract copper in close coordination with Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) if faced with any archeological site or historical relics during the project, the agency added.
Addressing the ceremony, acting minister Hasina Safi called historical and archaeological relics identity of the countries, adding more than athousand of archangelical relics were discovered from Mes Aynak area and sent to the national museum for display. “Around three hundred of relics are under restoration.”
Calling Mes Aynak historical and archangelical relics national asset and identity of the Afghan people, acting Minister Nargis Nehan said the MoU was aimed to preserve the historical relics and that the miners would inform the archeologists if relics to be discovered during the extraction process, the agency said.
Meanwhile Logar governor and deputy minister for public protection forces assured full security for MoIC and MoPM staffs during the project.
Director of the Archaeology said the relics discovered from the area were belonged to Buddhist era, Kushanid and Yaftali periods, the agency concluded.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.