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MoIC message on National Journalists’ Day

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Recording a day as National Journalists’ Day in the country’s official calendar shows the government’s strong determination to freedom of expression and expansion of media work for strengthening of a democratic system, which is appreciable.
If attention is paid to works of the government in this regard, the result shows that the government with all political and security challenges has had considerable achievements in freedom of expression and development in media sector. Creation of joint committee of media and government, journalists support fund, law on access to information, commission on access to information, exemption of media from taxes are some examples of these achievements. Therefore, we can seek the philosophy of this day for the development of media, freedom of expression, creation and institutionalization of democracy in the country.
Anyway, the media society of Afghanistan has experienced challenging and black days during serious fighting and security incidents. We can consider suicide attacks on journalists as black days, while we can identify lack of access of journalist to information as a challenge towards professional work of media workers. We understand media has principal role in improvement of the society, but financial problems have caused that a large number of media organizations stopped their operation and dozens of media workers become jobless. We hope a day on which there will be no fighting, insecurity and unemployment in our country. We congratulate this day to all of media workers!  

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.