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MoIC marks Mother’s Day


KABUL: Officials for the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) in a ceremony celebrated National Mother’s Day in Kabul.
In the ceremony attended by a number of officials and employees of the respective ministry and a number of mothers and women, director of plan and policy of the ministry Shaikh Hassan Khan Haqqani by pointing to the high position of mothers in Islam said that Islam has placed special privileges on mothers and set rights for parents; therefore, it is our obligation to respect and obey mothers.
“Particular position, rights and privileges have been set for parents particularly mothers in Islam as the status of a mother is three times above that of a father,” Haqqani said.
In the ceremony, officials in their speeches pointing to the status and high positions of mother congratulated the National Mother Day to all mothers of the country.
They said that Islam has elevated the status and position of the mother to the highest level.
Afterwards, representing mothers and women, handicraft product expert for the ministry’s directorate of tourism Arezo Ramin spoke and congratulated the National Mother Day to all mothers and women of the country, praising the MoIC for marking the day.
In the ceremony, directors of Afghan Film and tourism of the ministry of information and culture as well as representatives of state-run The Kabul Time newspaper spoke about the status and high position of mother and congratulated the day to all mothers of the country.
At the end of the ceremony, participants visited the women’s handicraft products exhibition launched and held with close cooperation of the directorate of tourism of the ministry of information and culture.
It is worth mentioning that Nation Mother Day is celebrated in Afghanistan as a number of Afghan women who are bread-winners for their families work on streets the whole day.
They say that they are not aware of such a day, adding that they’re living in a critical situation as they have forgotten to mark the day. Amiri & Qarizada

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