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MoIC making effort to accelerate Mis-e-Ainak work project

۸اسد۱۳۹۷ملا قات سر پرست وزارت بامسولا ن شرکت ام سی سی جین ع محمد ولی 1 2
Minister Safi meeting members of Chinese MCC company at her office

KABUL: In a meeting with three members of a Chinese MCC company, the country’s acting minister of information and culture, Ms. Hasina Safi said that her led ministry would make effort to accelerate work on excavation of historical relics around Mis-e-Ainak areas, where the move would help the mining process to get accelerated, according to a report from BNA on Monday.
The MCC delegation shared information with the minister about the company’s activities and plans and assured her of their cooperation with the archeologists in the Mis-e-Ainak project area, the state-run agency said.
The acting minister, while praising China for its continued cooperation in different fields with Afghanistan, said such cooperation in various areas, highlights good relations between the two countries.
“These relations provide more cooperation opportunities between the two governments and nations,” the acting minster said.
She said, had closely visited Mis-e-Ainak project area, where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed with the Ministry of Mines and petroleum, under which, the personnel of the ministry, if faced with historical relics during their mining works, should let the archeologists of the ministry of Information and Culture know about it. Ms. Hasina Safi also emphasized on speeding up the works of excavation of the historical relics around the Mis-e-Ainak project area.
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