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MoIC leadership, employees donate blood to honor ANDSF braveries, sacrifices

4ثور اهدای خون به نیروها ی امنیتی از مسولین و کارمندان وزارت اطلاعات فر هنگ ع 1

KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) leadership and employees donated 31 thousand and 500 cc blood to Central Blood Bank of the Ministry of Public Health here yesterday, BNA reported.
According to the agency, deputy minister of culture and art for the ministry of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary praised Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ (ANDSF) braveries and sacrifices, saying they were having two responsibilities, first to donate blood to those in need and second to support the forces that fighting terrorism only to protect the people.
Meanwhile deputy minister of finance, admin and tourism of the ministry Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi said donating blood was the least possible way to honor braveries and sacrifices of the forces that giving their lives only to protect our people.
She said ministry of information and culture was thanking Afghan national defense and security forces’ efforts in protection and evacuating of the ministry’s personnel during a terrorist attack on Saturday, according to the agency.
Head of the central blood bank of the ministry of public health Dr. Enaytullah Hashimi pointed to Islamic values of blood donation, adding it would help individuals to be less affected by diseases.
He praised MoIC initiatives of blood donation to the bank, BNA added.
At end of the ceremony, ministry of public health Dr. Khalid said that ministry’s personnel and leadership donated 31 thousand and 500 cc of blood to the bank, the agency added.
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