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MoIC good partner of media, Minister Safi

Acting Minister Safi meeting leading body of Journalists’ Federation

KABUL: Acting and nominee for Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) Hasina Safi in a meeting yesterday with leading body of Journalists’ Federation heard their suggestions and demands.
In the meeting, a number of members of the federation’s leading body besides briefing related to the federation’s works and activities asserted there are bilateral good relations, trust and cooperation between the federation and government.
Expressing their support and cooperation with MoIC, they shared their suggestions and demands with acting minister of information and culture, saying that if the ministry worked towards supporting journalists and media society, media and journalists would be beside of the ministry.
Speaking related to problems facing Afghan women journalists and weak presence of women in media, they considered cooperation, attention and support of MoIC from media and freedom of speech as key step towards media development in the country.
Regarding visions and suggestions of the federation’s leading body as valuable, acting minister of information and culture asserted that as a good supporter and partner of media, she would work with them and organize programs in consideration to their visions.
The source also reported the acting minister’s meeting the head and leading body of the Afghanistan Journalists Council (AJC), with Hafizullah Barakzay, one of the member, expressing cooperation with the ministry of information and culture and providing information about the work, activities and plans of the council.
Emphasizing on coordination of media, the council delegation asked the ministry of information and culture to support media and the media freedom in the country, the agency quoted.
The delegation also asked for change in the combination of the related commissions’ members and shared part of challenges faced by media women in the country, according to the source.
Assuring the delegation, Hasina Safi said: “The ministry’s working affairs to be aligned in such a way to be the mirror of media workers of the country.”
The minister also said the entire media organizations would help the ministry overcome any challenges, the agency concluded. The Kabul Times

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