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MoIC follows four strategic goals to improve women situation

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To implement 1325 resolution of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) that laying emphasize on role of women in bringing peace and security, the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) has specified four strategic goals.
According to BNA, to implement 1325 resolution of the UNSC, the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) has taken in its hand some separate training programs for ministry’s directors and employees in recent years.In 2000, the UNSC unanimously approved the resolution of 1325.
This resolution is the first international document that recognized officially the role of women in bringing peace and security.
The resolution recognized officially the role of women in decision making about peace and security and ending of sexual violence relates to dispute and laid emphasize on partnerships, protection and prevention from violence and ensuring welfare and improvement of life.
All UN-member countries are obliged to execute this resolution as well as they should prepare and compile their programs.So far, 67 countries have national practical program.
In Solar month of Saratan, 1394, the government of Afghanistan initiated national program in connection that the strategic duties of every institutionhave been specified. the MoIC also has its own responsibility to implement it.
Head of policy and plan of the MoIC Abdul Muqim Afghan during the beginning of training program regarding this resolution, laid emphasize on coordination of related organs for creation of a suitable roadmap.
In connection with 1325 resolution of the UNSC, expert in development of policies and relation for MoIC, Haseeb Sharifi said that the national program of government of Afghanistan about this resolution has been unveiled in Saratan 9th, 1394 that considering its responsibility, MoIC has placed four goals of partnership, protection, prevention and welfare that include 39 indexes, where the ministry plays role of main executorin six indexes, and observer in three other indexes.
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