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‘MoIC committed to preserve historic identity, extract Ainak copper mine’

سرطان۱۳۹۸سمبوزیم بیین المللی حفظ سا حات با ستانی وانکشاف معدن مس عینک ع عبدالبصیر 22 2

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: An international symposium on preservation of historic sites and development of Mes-e-Ainak (Ainak copper mine)was held yesterday in Kabul.
The symposium was held by ministries of information and culture and mines and petroleum with participation of a number of officials of the two ministries, government officials and foreign and domestic mines experts.
Speaking related to importance of the country’s historic artefacts and mines, acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi said there were two treasuries in one site, adding that one was the copper mine and other was the country’s historic identity and the ministry of information and culture was committed to protect both. Acting minister of information and culture asked both foreign and domestic mines-related experts and archaeologists to professionally analyze both national treasuries of the country that how to make use of the two national treasuries for the financial and spiritual development of the country. Hasina Safi stressed that experts should seek ways to both protect the country’s historic identity and extract the copper mine. She said that Mes-e-Ainak Copper Mine was considered as the biggest mines in the world and they want it to be extracted, adding that it should not be forgotten that the site was also important for its historic identity. Afterwards, acting minister of mines and petroleum Nargis Nehan spoke and said that the Mes-e-Ainak site was important for its both copper mine and historic monuments, which was the identify of all Afghans.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.