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MoI welcomes government’s contracts investigation plan

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghanin in a meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) announced that all contracts in the ministry of interior should be investigated transparently.
The president’s order was warmly welcomed by the ministry, as they believed the move would help bring transparency in the contracts and prevent corruption. “Corruption are available in some finance, procurement and logistic and the like and all contracts would transparently be investigated.”
Deputy to the interior ministry spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi told media that the move to transparently investigate into the contracts of the ministry of interior was a positive step and can help corruption.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Transparency Watch welcomed the president’s measure to investigate the contract and said: Undoubtedly, corruption are in the contacts and projects of the ministry and other government institutions, which should seriously be investigated as it would damage the government prestige at the national and international level.
An Afghan senate member, Gul Ahmad Azimi said that all people, national and international entities should cooperate with the government of Afghanistan to eliminate cooperation, as any failure in this field would bring Afghanistan validity under question worldwide.
He asked the government to investigate into the contracts all over the government institutions particularly, the ministry of interior, as according to him, security of the country would be affected, if security organs were corrupt.
Meantime, Mohammad Hashemi, lecturer of law and political sciences at the Kabul University, while welcoming the move by the country’s president to launch investigation into the MoI contracts, said that creation of a justice and judicial center, anti-corruption national strategy, monitoring the anti-corruption process and the needed political for the institutions fighting corruption are from the measures would give positive results.
He said the people of Afghanistan want a strong and a resolute will from the government to uproot the phenomenon. According to him, any failure in this field, would help capital and youth flee from the country, reduce foreign aids and helps Afghanistan get rid of the ongoing harsh conditions.
He said this refer to a close cooperation between the people and the government and added fighting corruption can be effective, when the government institutionalize the culture of rewards and punishments and the law was equally implemented on all people.
The experts said the government has done more to step up in the area of reforms and good governance, as corruption has slowed down progress and development in the country.
The move comes after many institutions have been established in the past 14 years in the country, but none of corrupt and powerful individuals have so far been brought to justice.
Suraya Raiszada

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