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Mohammad Rumal dreams to become a doctor besides being holy Quran memorizer

عکس و مطبب کریمه

KABUL: A Kabul resident who mainly native to the northern Parvan province, Mohammad Rumal has a high ambition of becoming a doctor in the future after completely memorizing the holy Quran.
Rumal 13 who has won several Quranic competitions inside the country, hoped to memorize the holy Quran in Saudi Arabia and learn the holy book’s translation and interpretation as good as needed and then become a doctor in the future.
“I have first position in grade 8th of the Guzargah High School and want to become a doctor, after completing the holy Quran,” said Rumal who was encouraged by his family particularly his brother to how could improve his talent and become a Quran reciter, famous among the locals in one of the Kabul vicinities.
Unlike hundreds of children trained extremist approaches and encouraged, brainwashed and equipped with explosive ordinances to blow himself among a crowd to kill security forces or innocent people, Rumal said he just wanted to become a full holy Quran memorizer and then a doctor to cure his ailing citizens and avoid any distructive activities.
He has memorized up to 16 chapters of the holy Quran, but wants to complete it and learn the translation and interpretation as well, before or after joining the faculty of medicine at the university.
“I am taking Kankor [entry-test] preparations before graduating from school and am sure can pass the exam and win eligible scores to join the faculty of medicine,” said Rumal who seen so happy to have topped a Quran competition, entitled ‘Eqra’ held for the honor of the holy month of Ramdan, at the international Khurshid TV network here in Kabul. He said he was invited to attend several TV and radio programs; such as Maiwand, network-24, Lemar and Khurshid for the holy Quran recitation.
Rumal said many of his friends have been encouraged by his plan to become a holy Quran reciter, after becoming famous in his locality.
His message to other teenagers and youths were to study hard, particularly the holy Quran and its full interpretation to serve their people and country but to avoid extremism and fundamentalism which have no place in the Islamic teachings.
His brother, Mohammad Sahel described his characteristic at home as saying: “Rumal is very clever and hardworking boy and his teachers and classmates miss him, whenever he was busy at home and doesn’t join school.”
According to him, Rumal can also sing and read Naat-e-Sharif (songs in honor of the prophet or religion), but he was regretful for having no suitable place to develop his higher education as he said Afghanistan was still crippled by growing war and insecurity.
Karima Malikzada

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