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MoF to fund upcoming elections

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The MoF has reported on its preparation to fund budget for the three upcoming elections. The officials concerned of that ministry said that they would held a meeting with IEC and would provide about Afs two billion for starting of operational work of the commission.
Spokesman of MoF Shamroz Khan Masjedi said, prior to this, according to plan, the IEC had requested budget from the MoF. according to this plan, today Saturday, 4th of April a part of election budget of about two billion Afghani will be provided by the government for beginning of voter registration.
According to Masjedi, the IEC has requested MoF $198m budget for presidential and provincial councils as well as Ghazni elections. The government has decided to give two billion Afghani in first section of election budget to IEC while the large part of election budget will be funded by the world community.
Masjedi added that it is not clear yet that whether the world community would help for holding of presidential, provincial councils and Ghazni elections or not. But the Afghan government expects the world community to fund part of the three upcoming elections.
According to Masjedi, if the world community would not be ready to fund election budget, the government would be ready to fund the rest of the budget through domestic channels.
The MoF has announced that it would ensure budget for the three elections ahead. Elections of district councils were also expected to be held together with three elections, but the IEC officials said that only the above three elections were inserted in their operational plan.
Deputy spokesman of IEC Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi said that $207m have been estimated for the three elections ahead even if the presidential elections goes to run off, the estimated budget would be sufficient.
The $207m includes ECC budget too. In the first step budget for voters registration would be funded, that would be started on May 16th throughout the country simultaneously. Biometrics will be used during registration process for recording of voters’ data.
The IEC has not inserted districts councils elections in its operational plan. Elections observers claim that IEC is not ready even for holding of the three abovementioned elections. FEFA CE Yusuf Rashid said that one of the reasons behind not inserting districts councils in IEC operational plan is volatility of a number of districts.
According to Yusuf Rashid non-partnership of women as candidates is also a controversial issue in some of these districts. But he adds that if IEC manages to hold the above three elections, it would be an achievement, but as it is seen the IEC lacks essential preparation for the three elections and payment of election budget by the Afghan government gives this process more reputation.
Rashid believes that the world community has not submitted any document that explains which country would contribute how much money.
The role of international organization is very outstanding in ensuring of Afghanistan election budget as they had contributed 90pc of 2018 parliamentary elections, that according to IEC data, cost $130m.
During her visit to Kabul on March 26th, the EU foreign policy chief Federal Mogrinie had emphasized on continuation of EU financial assistance particularly for election and said that EUC would try the Afghan election to be held transparently and reliably.
The three above elections are expected to be held simultaneously on Sep 28th.2019.
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