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MoE, chamber of commerce plan to boost economy in 1398

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Reporting about three percent economic growth in 1398, the Ministry of Economy (MoE) said it was working on some plans to grow the country’s economy in upcoming year.
Pointing at plans for next year, during an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, the ministry’s spokesperson Suhrab Bahman said, “MoE has prepared a draft to help improve the country’s economy.”
He added we are making effort not to import some items that are being produced inside the country.
The ministry focuses on domestic products, based on which employment opportunities will be created on one hand and will help decrease imports’ rate on the other , he went on to say.

Based on our studies, fortunately, many items can be produced inside the country and the government is asked to pay heed in this respect, he stated.
According to him, the government supports private sector and domestic products growth program as for the first time, the country’s exports rate reached to $1 bln during the outgoing year and we hope the amount rises to $1.5 bln in upcoming year.
In fact, if the government makes effort to increase exports level, the country will soon reach self-sufficiency.
“Due to recent rainfalls, Afghanistan’s agricultural yields will increase for next year,” he said.
He pointed out at 30 items that are produced inside the country and don’t need to be imported.
Q: What are the challenges the ministry of economy is facing with?
A: This year, there were some issues such as elections that negatively affected the country’s economic situation. But, despite that, the government of Afghanistan has made much effort to improve the situation and tackle the problems.
Q: How is the poverty rate in Afghanistan?
A: Currently, poverty rate reaches to 54.4 percent and 24 percent of the population is jobless.
Q: What plans to do you have to counter poverty?
A: To focus on products, increase exports, support private sector and recruit expert advisors to draw investments are among the issues that can help decrease poverty and unemployment rate in the country.
At the same time, deputy to chamber of commerce and industries Khan Jan Alokozay said we wanted to increase the exports and domestic product rate.
He said air corridors have created many facilities to transfer merchandizes, adding we are making effort to increase the exports from $1 bln to $2 bln next year.
Q: Has the government addressed traders’ challenges so far?
A: There is no doubt that the chamber of commerce and industries was facing many challenges this year, but efforts are ongoing to tackle them at some extent in upcoming year.
Shukria Kohistani

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