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Modifications not acceptable in constitution

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 By: Lailuma Noori

A number of members of the Taliban group in sideline of intra-Afghan talks in Qatar have said that modifications should be brought in Afghanistan constitution, stressing that the issue will be discussed in intra-Afghan talks in Doha. They have also insisted that the current constitution of the country is not compatible with Islamic Sharia; therefore, some modifications are needed to be brought in the constitution.
It is all clear that Taliban should prove whether the constitution is contradictory to Islamic Sharia or not, while the current constitution of Afghanistan is maintaining human dignity, national values, social justice and human rights and no religious scholar has commented that it is contradictory with Islamic Sharia.
Head of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in his recent remarks has said that constitution, the rights of Afghan citizens and the country’s constitutions particularly army won’t be discussed and dealt in peace talks as 95 percent of the country’s politicians are supporting these principles and values.
Afghanistan government negotiating team won’t deal the principal rights of Afghan citizens, republic and current freedoms in talks with the Taliban group in Qatar. Regarding the country’s constitution, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghan has repeatedly said that it would be never dealt in peace talks with the Taliban.
The law is flexible and inflexible and it’s the country’s parliament that has the authority to bring modification, while in inflexible situation, conditions are tougher and it will be the Loya Jirga that can bring modification rather than a particular organ or person; therefore, the country’s constitution is considered as an inflexible law that is not accepting flexibility at all.
Afghan government officials believe that following and observing legal criteria written in the country’s constitution are signs of democracy and protection of national values and they are committed to protection of these values and consolidation of democracy in the country, while inattention to the law will reduce standards of legal life, brings under question the legitimacy of the system and will of the people and weaken thoughts for strengthening and consolidation of democracy.
Besides, in the country’s constitution, the right of political partnership and participation of the people is in their political destiny as it is written in 33rd article of the law that the Afghan citizens have the right to elect and to be elected.
Maintaining peace is considered one of the desires of Afghanistan people, so that important thing is the end of the ongoing war and ceasefire in the country, but protection of all values such as constitution, achievements of the people and international community, republic, human rights, freedom of expression and elections are also very important and should be protected in talks with the Taliban group.
This comes after intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban started early this week in Qatar. It is determined that Afghanistan negotiating team will ask the Taliban for clarification in case if they raise the issue.
The team should fully support and protect the country’s constitution and should resist that it should not be dealt in the talks.

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