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MoCIT working to improve telecommunication sector in country, Hashimi


By: Masouda Qarizada

KABUL: Acting minister of communication and information technology Mohammad Fahim Hashimi in a news conference on Thursday said that duties have been distributed between the ministry of telecommunication and Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and each following its own mission.
Speaking to journalists in the news conference, Hashimi said: “The problem of lack of quality in internet services should be addressed by ATRA rather than the ministry of telecommunication and information technology.”
He added that the people should not blame the ministry as MoCIT was operating mostly in development of telecommunication sector, construction of infrastructures, empowerment, and digitalization of services and making policies.
Acting minister of communication and information technology stressed that the ministry had close relations with ATRA and was making effort to do necessary cooperation with the respective authority.
“It is the duty of ATRA to monitor works of telecommunication companies and address telecommunication-related violations,” Hashimi said, stressing that ATRA should take a step in this regard so that quality services and low-price internet could be delivered to the people.

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