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Ministry of Transport to cancel license of non-standard transportation companies


By: Shukria Kohistani

Officials at the Transportation Ministry Department say that many transport companies are still not registered in this ministry and more than 850 companies got their license, but most of them are not providing standard services.
Mehdi Rouhani, Head of Transportation Services of Land Transport Department in the connection said that the observation work on transportation companies has started two weeks ago, so that companies that their activities doesn’t meet the standard will be blocked, but growth ground would be provided for the companies that operate on a standard basis.
However, the members of the Transport Association companies say that by this action of the Ministry of Transport the services of the transport companies will be standardized.
Haji Nazir, the Deputy of the Union said, “We are very much looking forward to a review of the transportation companies by the Ministry of Transport, we hope that the process of reviewing companies will be expanded and lead this sector toward standardization.”
Meanwhile, some economists by criticizing the government and transport companies say that the government and the companies are not allowing the transport sector to move towards standardization, according to them, if the transportation sector in the country is standardized, the government will annually get millions of Afghanis benefit.
A number of Kabul residents in an interview with The Kabul Times said that the standardization of the transportation system will have significant impact on urban order.
According to them, currently the people are facing with urban transport problems. Although there are a lot of vehicles commuting in the city, but a large number of these transportation companies are not operating in a standard manner.
Abdul Samad, a Kabul resident in this regard said that although the Ministry of Transport is talking about transport standardization, but every day that we are passing through the streets of Kabul, we are seeing a painful urban disorder system.
A number of other Kabul residents say that the government once again should activate the city buses.
Currently, the transport situation is very bad in the country, people are facing with a lot of problems, I’m a government employee and spend 60 Afghani daily on transportation, and it is good to re-activate the Millie buses. “
Meanwhile, the people and experts asked the Ministry of Transport to take practical steps to better regulate the urban transport system in the country.
At the same time, the environmental experts say that if necessary improvements are taken place in urban transport situation, this can also help reduce air pollution in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.