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Minister Zuhair voices for prevention of assassination of journalists, media activists’ safety

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Zahir Zuhair called on the international organizations and agencies to use their influence in prevention of journalists and media activists’ murder, Bakhtar Information Agency (BIA) reported Wednesday.

Addressing a gathering held at the BIA on the advent of the National Journalist Day, the acting minister congratulated all journalists, particularly the reporters of Bakhtar Information Agency (BIA) and reminded the sacrifices made by the journalists and media workers of the country for the freedom of expression and press and prayed for their soul to be in heaven, the agency quoted.

Minister Zuhair called on the international organizations to use their influence to prevent the assassination of journalists and media activists in war-affected Afghanistan, according to the agency.

The acting minister praised the officials and employees of the directorate of Bakhtar Information Agency for holding the program and expressed the ministry’s support to the them and entire media of the country.

Director of the agency, Najibullah Shinwari, congratulating the National Journalist Day to all journalists of the country and the agency’s reporters and noted that the purpose of marking the day was to praise and appreciate the work of journalists and other media workers.

He said journalists and all media activists have the great responsibility and mission to provide exact and impartial information based on their profession in order to have a prosperous Afghanistan.

Also, Abdul Manan Shiwy-e-Sharq, the deputy publication minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture spoke about the activities of the media outlet in the country, especially the reporters of the Bakhtar Information Agency.

The deputy minister explained a series of programs for establishing a journalist township, providing short-term and mid-term professional training courses for them abroad as well as establishing a library and equipping all sections of the BIA.

He said he was committed to support the BIA in order to further improve the agency’s activities.

27 Hoot coinciding March 17 was approved by the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the National Journalist Day in the country’s national calendar and is being marking in magnificent manner.


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