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Minister Safi vowing to introduce Afghanistan’s new image

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KABUL: Acting and Nominee Minister of Information and Culture, Ms. Hasina Safi in a meeting with the head and members of Afghanistan Journalists Support Fund, said she was making effort to reflect a new image of Afghanistan identity to the world, the government run-Bakhtar News Agency reported Saturday.
During a meeting with the acting minister, head of Afghanistan Journalists Support Fund, Asef Wardak provided information about the establishment and functions of the Afghanistan Journalists Supporting Fund since the last 4 years and asked her to cooperate with the entity, the agency quoted.
Ms. Safi thanked the head and members of the fund for their long voluntary support to the country’s journalists and asked them for arranging a brief report for further familiarity of the entity to help provide the way of a meeting with the country’s president, something the minister described one of the president’s long demands.
Ms. Safi herself pledged to support the journalist support fund as she believed journalists restore relation between the people and the government, the agency added.
“Unfortunately, we could not still introduce the country’s identity neither to the people nor to the world,” the acting minister regretted as quoted by the agency. She hoped to could introduce the Afghans’ new image to the world, in cooperation with the country’s writers and men of culture, according to the agency.
“I am responsible before the history and the people, whenever I could serve the nation, I am successful otherwise, we are failed,” Ms. Safi reiterated.
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