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Minister Safi to Imam Bukhari schoolchildren: get informed about your country’s history


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Ms. Hasina Safi, in a brief meeting with the Imam Bukhari schoolchildren heard their questions about their personal lives and said they should get aware of their country’s history, Bakhtar News Agency reported Sunday.
In the meeting which was organized by the office of the presidential affairs administration, the acting minister said that she has never wanted to reach the post of ministry, but prefer to do what was in Public Interest, said the agency.
She asked the children to visit the national museum to get informed about the country’s history.
According to Abdul Samad Sarem, the in charge of media relation of the office of the presidential affairs administration, such meetings with the government high-ranking authorities would also continue in the future.

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