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Minister Safi stresses better system for reforms within MoIC departments

۳جدی۱۳۹۷ باز دید سر پرست وزارت از کار گرد و مشکلات اژانس با ختر ع محمد ولی 2

KABUL: Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi visited Bakhtar News Agency and heard its works and problems.
In the visit to the agency, director of BNA Khalil Menawi briefed related to history of the agency, activities of domestic and foreign news departments, website and various sections of the agency.
Meanwhile, Menawi by pointing to achievements, works and problems facing the agency considered lack of sufficient salaries and concessions, limited possibilities, lack of transport vehicles and lack of reporting equipment as key problems of the agency, asking the ministry of information and culture for attention in this regard.
Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi praised officials and employees of Bakhtar News Agency for their works, saying BNA was the only news agency in Afghanistan.
Stressing on making better system for bringing reforms in relevant departments of the ministry of information and culture, Safi added necessary steps would be taken for addressing problems of the respective agency.
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