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Minister Safi meeting with the deputy publications ministry’s officials

۱۹سرطان دیدار وزیر اطلاعات فرهنگ از معینیت نشراتی وزارت اطلاعات فر هنگ ع .بصیر
Minister Safi meeting with the deputy publications ministry’s officials

KABUL: Acting and Nominee Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi, during a meeting heard report about the works, performances and plans of the deputy publications ministry officials, BNA reported the other day.
At the outset, Fazel Sancharaki, the deputy publication minister of information and culture provided report in details about the work, achievements and plans of his office related affairs and shared his vision with the acting minister about the improvement of the related affairs, the agency said.
Likewise, Jafar Rastin the deputy publication ministry advisor also gave details about the structure, work and achievements, as well as challenges, deputy publication ministry was facing and said review on the mass media law, drawing up the guideline about terrorist events, review on the structure of the journalists support fund, finalization of the process of media activity license simplification, conducting journalists related capacity building programs, signing MoUs with various governmental and international organizations, among the key achievements of the deputy publication ministry, according to the agency.
Likewise, present at the meeting, the deputy ministry’s related directors provided details on their visions and suggestions about improvement of their works, the agency added.
The acting minister praised the works of the deputy ministry and said: “Despite the reported failure on nothing has been done in the ministry of information and culture, much has been done, but we should highlight our work to the people.”
“With the available resources, we should work hard for better work and after investigation in various parts of the ministry, practical steps would be taken about the available challenges, particularly on the budget and reforms,” said the acting minister, as quoted by the agency.
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