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Minister Azizi visits Islam Qala, Torghundi ports


KABUL: Minister of Commerce and Industries Nooruddin Azizi visited Islam Qala and Torghundi, the country’s key ports.
During his visit to the ports, Azizi heard transportation and transit problems facing Afghan traders and manufacturing companies owners.
In his meeting with some Afghan traders and owners of manufacturing companies, Azizi promised of cooperation for addressing their problems, saying that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) was responsible for addressing problems facing the country’s private sector.
After the meeting, acting minister of commerce and industries has paid visits to petroleum refinery sites and labs, asking relevant local officials for information regarding quality and modality of petroleum refinery process.
It is worth mentioning that acting minister of commerce and industries Nooruddin Azizi has recently traveled to Herat to hear problems facing the province’s private sector and investors. Led by a delegation, Azizi also paid visits to Islam Qala and Torghundi ports.
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