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Militants not committed to civilian protection, as fresh incidents indicate

Nangarhar attack 1

By: M. W. Qasemi

More than five people—all civilians, have been reportedly killed and over 40 others wounded, when a wedding party was attacked in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province.
A suicide bomber allegedly affiliated with the Taliban terrorist group influenced a crowd gathered at the house of a local police commander, Malik Toor, for his son’s wedding ceremony, blowing his explosive packed vest killing more than five people and wounding 40 others, a crime not acceptable to any logic.
The Taliban terrorist group are apparently behind the massacre, as their representatives, at the Qatar peace meeting, rejected to observe truce before they reach a final peace agreement.
The incident happened in the relatively security district Pachiragam district, where women and children were among hundreds of people taking part joyfully in the party.
Casualties are feared to rise as some of the wounded have been reported in critical condition.
According to the provincial governor spokesman, Atawullah Khogyani who briefed media about the deadly incident, an underage child have been used by the militants to carry out the bombing.
This indicates militants are not ready to give up bloodshed and killing innocent people as in Qatar peace talks, they rejected to agree on a temporary truce, as per part of the conditions set prior the peace debate give final positive result.
Militants are proud of shedding innocent bloods and killing innocent even most ferociously using innocent children as a means to target others. However no group have so far claimed responsivity for the incident.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has time and again asked the militant to give up violence and join the peace talks—even the country’s president has promised to be ready for any kind of peace helping war and violence end in the country. The people of Afghanistan in support of their legal system as well as the country’s national army, national police and national security office would impatiently follow peace talks and would never accept the militants plan to impose their own interpreted Islamic teachings like the so-called Islamic Emirate in the country.
The people of Afghanistan want a democratic system, not the so-called violent Islamic Emirate regime that violated main Islamic teachings and the international principles; such as human rights, women rights, media, education and other accepted world norms, during its tenure of six year.
They will not reach their target by killing innocent people. If they want to take part in the government and serve their country, they have no choice except joining an intra-Afghan dialogue under the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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