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Militants’ barbarism in holy month of Ramadan 

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The death toll in a powerful suicide truck bombing that struck a guest house in eastern Afghanistan rose to 21 with as many as 90 others wounded, officials said Saturday.
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the late Friday night bombing in Pul-e-Alam, the capital of Logar province. There was no indication why the guest house was targeted.
The Interior Ministry blamed the Taliban, saying such attacks are always carried out by Taliban militants.
The attack came on the eve of the official date set for the start of the final withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan, however US media citing Taliban leaders that the group has protected foreign bases for more than a year, but killing their fellow Afghans.
Indeed Taliban have shown no mercy to Afghans and have carried out deadly attacks in the past, martyring both combatants and non-combatants, aiming to take the power by force.
But the group have forgotten that they would never achieve their goals through waging war and bloodshed, but with peace and harmony. They have left the negotiation time and again and are yet to respond to the will of people, which is lasting ceasefire.
Protecting foreigners but targeting Afghans during the holy month shows that the group doesn’t follow Islamic teachings, rather acting against the religion, following its own agenda with misusing Islamic means to take the power and rule the county with ignoring people’ rights and undermine the achievements made so far.
It is really unfortunate for Afghanistan that even after so many sacrifices that are given by the country, the prospects of peace and tranquility are not very optimistic. The insecurity seems to be on the rise in different parts of the country and the response of Taliban are not truly effective. It seems that Taliban and some politicians do not have any clear idea about how to tackle the situation and help the country go through this crucial period with triumph, and now that the people are being distracted as well, which is making the task even more challenging.
As US media reported, Taliban has time and again acted against the Doha agreement and still protecting Al-Qaeda militants in the war-torn country. Taliban’s attacks on public places, their ties with other terror groups and their absence in peace talks clearly show that they don’t have any plan for prosperity of the country, rather serving outsiders’ interests, which is a destabilized and backward Afghanistan.
If the US, its allies and the Afghan politicians do not get really serious and determined to solve the security issues, it may start haunting Afghanistan to a great extent and may even undo the achievements that have been acquired in the last 20 years or so.
The insurgents will keep on carrying out their activities and terrorize the people of Afghanistan like they are doing now. The current situation clearly highlights the fact that the insurgents are not even inclined towards peace process.
However, before any hopes of acquiring peace and tranquility can be turned into reality, the politicians should have consensus with Afghan government and must make sure that they fulfill their responsibilities with determination and untiring efforts.
Definitely, Afghan people have given many sacrifices and after so many sacrifices, it is important that Afghanistan should see a future full of peace and tranquility; however, for that to happen it is imperative that consensus within Afghans be improved and continued cooperation with international community must be sought to counter terrorism and barbarism in the country.
Meanwhile considering national and international calls, Taliban should follow a peaceful approach towards their fellow Afghans and avoid any barbaric act that lead to violence and killing of the innocent people.
Afghans have suffered the most in last 20 years and they no longer able to tolerate more from the group. Therefore efforts should be made to establish a safe and sound environment in the country.
Continuing violence and barbaric acts, killing Afghans, destroying infrastructures and enjoying safe haven in foreign counties would bring nothing, except more miseries to the Afghan masses. If Taliban truly want to serve them, so should refrain from targeting people, and instead join their hands with Afghans in rebuilding the country.

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