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Militants’ act to kill civilians against humanity

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Few days ago, militants loyal to the Taliban group stormed some districts and strategic areas in Ghazni and Uruzgan provinces, killing innocent people and inflicting fear and dread among the citizens.
Insurgents didn’t only slaughter the detainees of the security forces in the historical Ghazni and Khas Uruzgan district, but also during their attacks on the said areas, killed numerous innocent people, including women and children.
Breaching all norms of war and humanity, they spared no effort to torture households and do everything wrong against the innocent people and force them leave their residences under cold weather.
In order to prevent life and property losses and further bloodshed on the citizens, the country’s security forces didn’t use military force, but could successfully stop their momentums and further offensives and retreated them from the residential areas.
Following the incident, a number of Kabul citizens took to the streets to protest against what they said incompetence from the security organs about the recent militants’ deadly attacks in Ghazni and Uruzgan provinces.
Hundreds of protesters began marching from the heavily commercial area of Kota-e-Sangi, western Kabul city, and led a peaceful demonstration toward the Presidential Palace, few kilometers to the capital’s downtown.
The main aim of the protesters was to ask the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) to deploy further security forces in the provinces to strengthen a lasting security for the heavily war-suffered people.
The country’s president sent a delegation to calm the protest and ask the demonstrators to remain patient as the government was fully determined to ensure security in the provinces and meet all relating problems.
At the end of the demonstration, a misled, deceived and desperate man, most possibly affiliated with the so-called IS terrorist group blew his suicide vest killing numerous people and wounding several others.
Now as protests have turned into the proper militants’ vicious activities, the recent event took a bloody color to the end.
Peaceful demonstration is the right of every Afghan citizen and no one including government armed or political oppositions have the right to create obstacle before, or disturb it by targeting the ordinary.
No one can deprive people from their inalienable rights, but militants, against all human rights and religious norms, once again targeted a crowd of the protesters and proved they are not only against the democratic system, but against all values of the holy Islam, as the holy religion doesn’t allow murder of innocents.
Both security forces and the people should remain vigilant and stay on alert about the most possibly launch of terrorist activities, when holding demonstration and any other gathering was on the plan, anywhere in the country, particularly the capital, where the wild ignorant under the name of Islamic jihadists have vicious attempt.
Since, the government of Afghanistan is making effort to bring the militants around a negotiating table, and the religious scholars of the country in a joint statement called war against the Islamic system illegitimate, the government armed oppositions have either to welcome the offer or should be fought until full illumination.
People all over the country should cooperate with security and defense forces to foil any enemy plots and conspiracies aimed at disturbing security of the citizens.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.