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Migration should be legalized

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According to density of its citizens in other countries, Afghanistan has allocated second position in the world after Syria. Based on official data, at present over six million Afghan citizens are living outside the country. All these migrations have taken place due to constraints that decades long wars and violences have imposed on us.
Only after 2014 and re-intensification of wars, hundreds of thousands of Afghans had to leave the country and applied for asylum in other countries including European territories.
Illegal migrations have imposed heavy expenditures on our people including casualties, material, psychological, social, cultural damages and thousands are living in uncertainty in these lands. Even some of them are being deported at a conditions who have no small resources to live inside the country. After repatriation, they have to fight for several months with unpleasant consequences or re-leave the country. Now the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriate talks on efforts for legalization of migrations. Addressing a ceremony held on celebration of counter Human trafficking world day, MoRR Sayed Hussein Alemi Balkhi, said illegal migrations are challengeful, human trafficking creates incidents every day, as one of the heavy results of human trafficking is brain drain.
It draws our educated and qualified youth toward death and borders of most countries of the world have been changed to graveyards of Afghan youth.
He added, we should exploit the opportunities of migration. Migrations should be legalized, so economic, academic and social chances of other countries be used in Afghanistan.
This could be a good news, because beside their problems and challenges, migrations have goodnesses too and create positive opportunities to migrants, that if they are used, could flourish socio-economic investments. The data released by MoRR to media indicate that, in average the Afghan refugees send over US $1.5b into Afghanistan to support their relevant families. There are large number of educated and expert youth, who took advantage from educational opportunities in other countries, promoted their knowledge and qualification level, returned to their native homeland, and employed by departments of Afghan government and serve their country and people. Migrations could provide good ground for exploitation of migrants.
Realizing the importance of migrations, that provide certain opportunities to their others ruling government in other countries, have tried to legal migration process. They have prepared legislative documents essential for such a process, established needed administrative structures. Their those citizens who are interested to migrate to other countries, exploiting all these legal facilities and migrate to their favorite territories, sans any possible threats of illegal migrations.
These migrants bring back economic, cultural and academic benefits to their families and countries. The Afghan government should also follow their legal sample to its citizens, create legal structures inside the country, sign MoU and agreements with other governments and enable interested Afghans to migrate freely and legally.
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