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Meritocracy should be considered in government institutions

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Amir-ul-Muminin (The Supreme Leader) of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Mullah Habbatullah Akhundzada have recently met with a number of local officials in Kandahar. Officer of governor of Kandahar has reported that The Supreme Leader of the IEA has instructed all officials of the government for continued
consultation with religious scholars and well-treatment with the people.
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has said that people should be appointed based on meritocracy and pious in government institutions and the employees should avoid holding election in government institutions, asking all officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to avoid accepting gifts from the people. He has also said that the government officials should not hide themselves from the people
and should always ask for their opinions.
Although meritocracy was insisted by previous governments to be considered as principle in government institutions, it was not considered in most government and non-government institutions and experienced and well-qualified figures were appointed to do the job well; therefore, government officials were weak in expending both ordinary and development budgets Meanwhile, Kabul residents have praised recent speech of The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which were mostly insisting on consideration of the meritocracy principle in government institutions. The people also consider meritocracy as key principle in government institutions as it is key towards better future of Afghanistan.
“Observing the principle of meritocracy in appointment of high-ranking officials as well as low-ranking government employees is one of the most serious expectations of the people of Afghanistan from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” said Robina Rahimi, a Kabul resident.
Another Kabul resident Ahmad Durani by pointing to the principle of meritocracy in appointment process of government employees said consideration of the principle of meritocracy in appointment of government employees can bring further transparency and improvement in government institutions.
This comes amid of appointment new government employees for government institutions across
the country.
The people hope that the principle of meritocracy will be considered in all government institutions in the country.

Saida Ahmadi

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