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Mental roots of terrorism must be drained

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The Islamic militants introduced Al-Baghdadi’s successor, after their leader killed during a special US forces operation in Syria. Based on media reports quoting Amaq news agency of IS militants, confirming death of Al-Baghdadi, the self-called caliphate as well as spokesman of IS, said that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurashi has been appointed as Al-Baghdadi’s replacement.
This issue has confirmed all those utterances that took place before, but death of this or that person despite of his importance, is not the total death of a terrorist movement because until the terrorist thoughts and ideas are alive, the life of terrorist factions could be continued and the movement doesn’t die with death of individuals. This principle is a testimony on ISIS too. Death of Al-Bbaghdadi although was a devastating and shattering blow to this terrorist movement, but in no case means end of its life.
In the past years, the important leaders of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Haqqani network and other terrorist groups had been targeted and killed in different parts of the world and the death of these leaders had created a pleasant atmosphere in other countries for a while but soon other individuals appeared in the role of leaders and terrorist activities continued with new threats.
All these mean that effective war for elimination of terrorism is not possible only with killing of individuals despite of their position and importance, but it is needed that parallel with war on terror, destruction of terrorist centers or killing of other leaders who indeed rotate their war machine, war on their ideas and terrorist thoughts should also be continued. Terrorists ideas should be drained and terrorist thoughts must be annihilated.
War on terror should be redefined that means that all countries should reach a single opinion on definition of terrorism. Dividing of terrorism to good and bad poses this war to serious problem, causes their legitimacy and help them to continue their life.
Meanwhile, all countries should set up state to state relations in their ties. Because a state-oriented relation could establish a base for honest and effective cooperation to fight this phenomenon. All should adopt a single policy for draining of terrorism and avoid any procrastination against these factions.
Some of the experts even suggest that institutes should be opened where true Islamic teachings by truly qualified religious scholars can be given as Islam stops the way of terrorism more intensely and its voice and teachings are honored and followed by people more than anyone or anything else.
It is also important to put all means of pressures against terrorist supporting countries, so that to root out the terrorism and establish a safe and secure area benefiting all countries. Ensuring the integrity and stability of the region provides a comprehensive development ground for the interests of all regional countries, while war and conflicts will threaten the interests of all nations.

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