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Memorial monument for media martyrs in less than a month: Sharq

3حو ت معین نشراتی از جریان کاری منار یاد گاری شهیدای رسانه هالی دیدارکرد ع خیر محمد 4

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Deputy Minister of Publications Affairs for the Ministry of Information and Culture, Abdul Manan Sheway Sharq inspected the reconstruction process of the memorial monument for media martyrs here yesterday, BNA reported.
Briefing about the monument, the cultural and social affairs deputy to Kabul Municipality Fazel Sharifi said construction of memorial monument has been advanced by 50 percent, which according to him expected to be soon finished.
Thanking Kabul Municipality, the deputy minister of publications asked the project in charges to step up efforts and finish the construction of the monument before the new solar year. Meanwhile, the project in charge, Engineer Faizullah, said the construction of the monument begun in 10th of March 2019, but the work on the project was delayed due to problems in its design. He also said the monument to be constructed with the total amount of three million and nine hundred thousand Afghanis from the Kabul municipality budget in the total area of 180 square meter near Spinzar hotel, at the downtown of Kabul city. He also said the minaret to be constructed using the domestic precious stones with the total height of 6.5 meters and would be finished before the new solar year. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.