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Medicine price on the rise in Afghanistan

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In recent months, the cost of pharmaceutical drugs has unprecedentedly increased in the country’s medicine stores. There’s no clear reason of the increase in cost of pharmaceutical drugs in the country.
Ordinary Afghans by expressing concerns over increasing in cost of pharmaceutical drugs said that the cost of pharmaceutical drugs has doubled in the past few months in the country. This comes amid of increasing the price of main stables of foods, petrol and gasoline in the country.
According to the residents of Kabul, the medicine costing 50 or 100 afghani, has now doubled and jumped to 300 or 500 afghani. They are asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) particularly the ministry of public health to address the problems.
Meanwhile, owners of some pharmaceutical drug stores in Kabul say they get medicines in high prices from pharmaceutical drug companies importing medicines from neighboring countries.
“We buy medicines in a high price from companies that import medicines from outside; therefore, we have no options but to sell the medicine in high price,” said Wais Ebadi, owner of a drugstore in Kabul.
Abdul Qayoum Muhsinpur, a resident of Kabul, says every time he is prescribed by a doctor and go to buy medicine, he gets the prescribed medicine in a very high price.
“I do not know what should I do. The cost of pharmaceutical drugs is very high and the people cannot afford to get all the medicines prescribed by doctors,” Muhsinpur said.
The country’s ministry of public health officials have yet to say about the increasing cost of pharmaceutical drugs in the country. Ordinary Afghans particularly those suffering various diseases and time by time visit hospitals are asking the ministry of public health to take necessary steps towards reduction in cost of pharmaceutical drugs in the country.
In connection with the shortage of medicines, acting director of food and drug department Abdul Bari Omar says there are sufficient medicines in pharmaceutical drugs companies and those firms importing medicines. He said there was not any problem in this regard.
“We are working to prevent from trafficking of pharmaceutical drugs in the country and provide legal license to companies importing medicines from outside,” Omar said, adding that his department has warned the companies that legal action would be taken in case of violation.
This comes amid increasing of cost of petrol and gasoline as well as foodstuffs not only in the country’s markets but also in the world market.
Mohammad Daud

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