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Medical high council rescues people from devils, magicians

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The process of registration the names of doctors and teacher for membership in Medical High Council, bans the opportunists using the name of physician to rob the people of this country.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the registration the names of physicians and teachers for the membership in Medical High Council newly established organ on order of the president started.
Sarwar Danish the second vice president delivering a speech in ceremony for the occasion openly addressed the most serious requirements from which the people are suffering.
The second vice president in his speech claimed that the process of registration the names of physicians for membership in medical high council caused to separate professional doctors from unprofessional doctors.
According to him, medicine is a nobble job, any opportunists and profiteers should not use the status of a doctor.
It is clear that there are people without considering the sacredness of medicine seeking to collect wealth and use medicine as a business, in spite of that repeatedly has been emphasized that it should not make business with the health of people and not make this sacred profession as a means of business. However, as the vice president stated there are still people who make business with the health of people. In fact, they are devils and magicians, not knowing the sacredness and worth of medicine use it for their own illegal interests.
What the vice president said in one way expresses the pains of people; on the other way enlightens the importance of medical high council in the situation of the country.
With this brief but precise reason one can say that the only source that can end this sever problem is the establishment of medical high council that separates real physicians from artificial ones, because dissemination of medical ethic, assessing the complaints of relevant people and fighting against medical and professional violations, and capacity building of the doctors are the priorities mentioned in the platform of the council.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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