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Media with expired licenses should be banned


KABUL: The Afghanistan Telecom Regularity Authority (ATRA) has called for ban on the media outlets with expired licenses, a statement from the office said the other day.
It called on the Ministry of Interior to ban the operations of media outlets with expired licenses, the statement added.

The statement, quoting ATRA, named more than one hundred media organizations who have not paid their taxes countrywide. This comes as the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) also emphasized that the media outlets who have not paid their taxes and are in debt to the government will be held accountable. The Islamic Emirate will neutrally treat all media organizations based on the format which has formed for media, said Abdulhaq Hammad, Director publication affairs in MoIC. Media watchdogs have also repeatedly voiced concerns over the economic challenges faced by the Afghan media community.
The Islamic Emirate should make plans to provide economical support to the media, said Masrur Lutfi, head of the media section at the Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union.
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