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Media should obey gender justice, VP Danesh

25جدی کنفرانس خبرنکاران زن ع محمودشاه 2

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Second-Vice President, Sarwar Danesh in the Women Journalist Conference, asked all media outlets to first remain themselves obedient of gender justice, as on the government side, he assured that it was committed for supporting media and freedom of expression, said a statement from his office the other day.
The vice-president asked all women journalists and the entities supporting them to share all issues relating to them in cooperation with the Journalists Federation, with the joint committee secretary office for further investigation, said the statement.
On the peace process, he said the government of Afghanistan would remain persisting on republicanism and citizenship rights, particularly of the women and freedom of expression and calls these values key part of its principles, said the statement.
“Although, the government has the primary responsibility to defend the rights of the people of Afghanistan and the last 18 year achievements, but vigilance and partnership of the entire people of Afghanistan, particularly women, including female journalists and their advocation is a need,” said the VP as quoted by the statement.
Danesh asked the Journalists Federation of Afghanistan that first they themselves obey gender justice inside the entities, ensure women journalists activities and then make the media outlets and media owners, particularly private and non-governmental ones to do this.
“Unfortunately, media themselves are one of the places in which women journalists’ rights are violated even do discrimination in the contracts and violate the labor law and other laws,” the vice-president regretted.
According to him, up to 117 journalists related cases have been investigated and in some cases, violators have received death penalties, but in the current months, he said the figure of violation against journalists have dropped by 42 percent.
The vice-president assured that currently the procedure of the committee is being changed into a rule which can guarantee the stability and permanency of the committee’s work, the statement concluded.

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