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Media should ease awareness for citizens on food standard, values: Sancharaki

۲۳سرطا ن۱۳۹۸ همایش مشترک اجندای ملی امینت غدا یی وتغدیه ودست اندر کاران رسا نه ها ع سلطا نی 1

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publication Affairs, Fazel Sancharaki in a meeting called the citizens’ awareness on food standard and values the responsibility of the media and asked them to lodge it in their commercial breaks, Bakhtar News Agency reported the Sunday.
In the meeting which was held under the title of ‘Awareness on the National Agenda of Food and Feeding Security for the Media Outlet’ co-hosted by the Council of Ministers Secretariat Office and the Chief Executive Office, the deputy minister said lack of access to enough and fair food by more than 18 million citizens of the country, was concerning and added that lack of access to sustainable fair food was vital in the human society and failure to have such foods would face the society with health and economic challenges, the agency quoted. Sancharaki asked the entire media outlets to pay attention to the said issues during their commercial breaks, according to the agency. Likewise, Nasrullah Arsalayee, head of CMs Secretariat Office said lack of the officials attention to sound and enough food for the citizens caused health and economic challenges increase and food security lacked. Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firuzuddin Firuz also spoke at the meeting and asked the households for preventing malnutrition among children as both mother and child need enough, energetic and nutritious feeding since the formation of embryo.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.