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Media professionals need safety, support


Press media and freedom of speech which are basic components of democracy, have been enjoying considerable achievements and development. In recent years, the media professionals have sustained plenty of problems due to unsound work conditions or unexpected incidents. Journalists were martyred, beaten, injured, insulted and damaged.
Based on available assessments, the last two years were the worst and difficult years for journalists and media professionals. Despite of problems and potential challenges the media professionals, journalists and reporters have carried out their jobs responsibly at different levels and in critical conditions and even at the current difficult circumstances, the activities of journalists are going on in all provinces under intolerable situations and their constructive and effective activities have paved the way of media and press expansion and provided ground for progress and development of freedom of expression and taking steps towards real democracy.
Due to these specifications and constructive activities of journalists, the coordinators, developers and supporters of awareness giving process should not be underestimated, because this powerful force of journalists positively affected expansion of awareness giving process and illuminating of individuals minds.
The officials of the NUG should support and protect media and press professionals and guarantee their safety and security.
As much as the media and press professionals perform their activities with peace of mind and void of insecurities, they manage to accelerate their activities in reflection of incidents and inform people on national and international challenges.
As it was seen during unpleasant incidents and devastating imposed conflicts, it were these journalists who informed people on incidents and unexpected events.
Reporters accepted all potential risks of wars and informed people on undeniable facts particularly the activities of ANSF in the battlefields and their remarkable gains and inserted them in the golden pages of our history.
These media heroes were even threatened to death and are still being threatened. Large number of these champions were targeted by suicide attacks.

Ali Ahmad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.