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Media freedom a major achievement: Views


On Dec 20.1993, in its 48th assembly, the UNESCO declared 3rd of May as “The World Day of Press Freedom” as per resolution 432-48. This issue was originated from the resolution of UNESCO 1991 general Assembly under the slogan of “Promotion of Press Freedom in the World” that has considered free, inclusive and independent periodicals as essential ingredients of a democratic society.
Talking on the role and importance of press day and audiovisual media, former Minister of Information and Culture and one of the long standing media professionals in the country, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said, the course of media reminds us the course of freedom of speech in Afghanistan that traversed its particular stages that covers the dark periods to days of real freedom of expression in this land.

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Fortunately the emerge of mass media law and press freedom assumed its essential position.
The mass media law, Dr. Raheen added that was the first law in new Afghanistan that was prepared and enforced in the second month of interim administration namely while the constitution was not codified and approved. It was like a girl who was born prior to her mother.
Raheen went on to say, our penmen enthusiastically were involved first to verbal media and then and gradually to printing media and step by step large number of radios, TVs appeared and exploiting the open atmosphere of press freedom countless number of private and public media appeared and achieved many progresses and penetrated into different spheres of society including dissemination of information, education and recreational issues.
He added, as far as its seen, a number of printing media have financial problems and some of them had to stop their activities. I hope the government and rich, well-to-do and benevolent people would support them and prevent their suspension. Our policy was to change RTV to a public media like BBC. Our policy beside private media was no one could hide anything from the people. We paved the way for major international media in the capital and provinces including BBC, voice of liberty, VOA Radio Ashna, Deutche Vella to install FM equipments and disseminate information to people. We tried our best that dissemination of information be without obstacle. If ten media concealed facts the 11th should disclose it and explain the realities. If all of them ignored the realities, foreign media should disclose them. Our nation has the right to have access to information. Once again I would like to congratulate this day to all media professional and hope with advent of a reliable peace the freedom of opinion, and press would be saved.

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Head of Information of Islah Daily Sohaila Kabir said, where as audiovisual and printing media are the eloquent tongue of the country and the best and reputable means of connection between people and government, so they should be very careful in performing this critical responsibility because a slight mistake or violation would cause biggest damage.
The government media which are real tongue of government make their best efforts in collecting of information, news etc and broadcast it carefully. Even some times it has been seen that they ignore realities to prevent disturbing of relations. But, some private media broadcast irresponsible reports. Taking into account the importance of their jobs, the media should always observe balance, justice, and sincerity and don’t undermine the sanctity of this holy profession.
One of Afghan journalists Enayatullah Nowandesh said, the world day of press freedom is celebrated in Afghanistan at a time that freedom of media is one of most considerable post-Taliban achievements of the Afghan government. The Afghan government is committed to press freedom and has paved the way to free media activities, social media and networks quantitatively and qualitatively.

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