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Media can boost people’s trust on government

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By: Raiszada

Legitimacy of government in all democratic systems is based on the people’s trust, but this trust can be created at a time when people are informed of anything happening in their country; therefore, media is the only source that can increase this trust in a society.
Access to information as the sole human right among countries having democratic systems has opened its position among principal rights and attracted serious attention of modern systems as an element for good governance.
Good governance and democratic systems are considered as the only trust between the people and government. Governments usually make effort to address principal needs of the people through delivering better services and providing security to their people to keep their legitimacy.
In democratic systems, people consider their governments as mirror, meaning that vote and visions of the people have role when governments take decisions about national destiny.
Afghanistan is also among countries where media has made unprecedented development in recent years as the media has been able to fulfill its responsibility for playing role as bridge between the people and government.
Currently, there are dozens of audio visual and print media organizations operating in Afghanistan to make the people aware of current incidents. Media can somehow get access to information which can help people what is happening in the country.
One of the key pillars of democratic systems is that government is formed based on decision of the people directly and indirectly and role of the people is clearly perceivable in such systems. Democracy is considered as one of the accepted systems in Afghanistan and the government is committed to implementation of the system’s principles and values.
For example, the right of access to information is considered as a value of the open society and democratic system. One of the commitments of Afghanistan government is to pave the way for media to have access to information as guaranteed by the country’s constitution.
Law on access to information is considered as one of the best laws in the world level. Base on the law, access of all Afghan citizens to current information in the country’s government institutions including presidential office is open.
The government of Afghanistan is obliged to be responsive against its citizens. In light of the law on access to information, the government has instructed all institutions to make the people aware of their activities and be responsive of their activities in the country. Media can have active role in this regard. Afghanistan institutions in consideration to implementation of the law on access to information can pave the way for actively participation of the people in decision-making about any national incidents. If the media inform the people of works of the government in a better way or precisely, undoubtedly the trust level of people over the government will increase. In consideration to current incidents in Afghanistan, media can play vital and useful role and inform the people what is happening in the country. We hope the government defend and protect from freedom of expression and press as redline in peace talks with the Taliban group.

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