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MCC bears transportation costs of 700,000 Chinese donated vaccines for Afghanistan


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: MCC will bear the transport costs of 700,000 doses of Chinese donated vaccine that is due to arrive in Afghanistan and handed over to Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan on June 10.
As the COVID-19 cases are on the rise and Afghanistan is facing a most challenging time to fight the virus, the vaccine donation will significantly help Afghanistan in its efforts against the pandemic, a statement from the MCC which was received by The Kabul Times daily said yesterday.
“In series of its assistance to fight the pandemic, MCC will incur approximately 250,000 US dollars for the transportation of the direly needed vaccines to Afghanistan,” the statement added.
Recent figures released by the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan indicate that the situation is deteriorating, with over 1000 cases reported on a daily basis and the highest single day death toll just registered
MCC signed the Aynak Copper Project contract in 2008 to develop the copper mine in Logar province. After the contract took effect, MCC Tongsin Resources Limited (MCCT) , a wholly owned subsidiary of MCC, was entrusted with the investment and operation of Aynak Project. Due to some technical issues, however, the project has not progressed as expected.
“As one of the largest investors in Afghanistan, MCC considers itself part of the Afghan society; hence, it will spare no efforts to contribute to the social and economic development of Afghanistan.

In addition to MCC’s endeavors to tackle the challenges and develop the Aynak Copper Project, it has always tried to assist local people in whatever way it can to improve social wellbeing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement further said.
In the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020, MCC donated medical supplies that included test kits, gloves, and facemasks. Similarly, in May 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, MCC donated foodstuff to the local people around the Aynak Copper Mine project. The food items included rice, flour, cooking oil, and sugar, the statement added.
“By the same token, MCC donated 70,000 facemasks to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan. The MoMP warmly welcomed the donations and thanked MCC for its timely assistance to protect its personnel during the pandemic.”
MCC has been negotiating with the Government of Afghanistan to tackle the challenges related to Aynak since 2018. While the President of Afghanistan has approved MCC’s proposal of modified open-pit mining method, there are still some pending unresolved technical issues to be solved in the future phases of negotiations. If the present contract renegotiations yield results, the development of Aynak Project will bring about tremendous economic benefits to the people of Afghanistan, the company said.
The MCC hoped that the renegotiation between them and the Government of Afghanistan concludes as soon as possible so that the project could be developed in a win-win situation.


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