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Mass media law protects national values, interests


The Legislative Committee of presidency has prepared a new draft of mass media law, by approving that further facilities will provide for media in the country.
BNA media affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: the legislative committee of the presidency that managed by second vice president has recently prepared the draft of a new mass media law.
Mass media law during the last few years has reviewed five times in order to provide more facilities for media.
Repeated reviewing this law by legislative committee of presidency indicates that media activities have special importance in Afghanistan and the state is committed to freedom of speech and its promotion.
Freedom of speech and growth of media is one of basic political achievements of Afghanistan, the achievement not only Afghan people and government honor for it but armed oppositions also considered it useful.
Freedom of speech is an opportunity for promotion of democracy in the country which should be used in a proper way. We can change this opportunity in to big opportunity only when we have a national definition for freedom of speech and free activities of media.
Today, dozens of printed, pictorial and aural publications are operating in the country and state patiently pursue their operations and support them.
However, assessing national issues and preventing from disruption is the job of media, unfortunately there are media that have no clear definition from national interests which sometimes consciously or unconsciously cause political, ethnical and religious confrontations which are not concur with national spirit and public interests, while observing the law and honoring public interests is an integral part of democracy that should honestly be regarded by media. The mass media law is an opportunity for establishing a proper ground for more lawful activities of media that can promote the newly established democracy in the country and protects the national values.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.