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Marshal Fahim’s fifth death anniversary marked in Kabul

رییس اجراییه در مراسم گرامی داشت از مارشال فهیم نباید به خاطر منافع زودگذر راه مردم را گم کنیم ع محمودشاه 7

KABUL: Afghan politicians and hundreds of their supporters at a gathering in the Loya Jirga tent in Kabul marked the fifth anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, who was a prominent Jihadi leader and served as vice president during former President Hamid Karzai’s government. 
Five years ago, Marshal Fahim died on this day, 9th March 2014. His death anniversary is marked every year.  
Addressing the ceremony, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Marshal Fahim was a peace-loving figure. He said a “just” peace is a priority for the Afghan government and the Afghan people.
“Afghanistan will be a free country a day when there is no terrorist group and after that, there will be no need for foreign forces presence here,” he added. Dr. Abdullah said all political leaders should come together and work for a sustainable peace in the country.
Former President Hamid Karzai said at the event that Afghans are supporting the ongoing efforts by the US for Afghan peace. He said efforts are underway in national level to move towards a lasting peace in which the achievements of the past years should be preserved.
Mohammad Karim Khalili, head of the High Peace Council, said there is a national consensus on peace in Afghanistan. “At least 200 Afghan youth are killed every day from both the sides of the war,” he said.
“We will not go back to a Taliban emirate,” Khalili said, adding that Afghans want peace with dignity. “Afghanistan has changed,” Khalili added.
Meanwhile, Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, former Jihadi leader, said Afghans want peace with dignity and that everyone in the country is in favor of peace. ”We want peace with dignity and we welcome everyone trying to reach a lasting peace in Afghanistan,” he added. He called on presidential candidates to be cautious in their campaigns and consider the “sensitive” situation in the country.  
Marshal Fahim was born in 1957 in Omraz, a small village in Panjshir province. During their fight against Taliban, called as ‘Resistance’, Marshal Fahim played a vital role in Afghanistan and following Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination in 2001, he became the leader of government and Resistance forces and came to Kabul with the assistance of international coalition forces in the same year.  
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