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Many unaware of ‘Int’l Girls Day’

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By: Masouda Qarizada

Oct 11th coincides with Girl’s World Day. In order to invite the world attention to hard conditions and social restrictions on the girls throughout the globe, the UN has recently nominated this day.
Celebrating the G.W.D, large number of fathers, mothers, brothers and friends congratulating this day to girls and their families and remind them with presenting of gifts.
Reporters went into the city and interviewed many girls on their living conditions but large number of girls even didn’t know about this day.
Talking on the women’s situations in Afghanistan ,Nazifa Sakhi an employee of MoWA gender section said, girls life is very hard in Afghanistan and they are posing with numerous problems. In some parts of Afghanistan still birth of a girl is considered as a calamity and misfortune in the family.
In some rural areas and even in urban regions giving birth a girl is changed to a mourning and sarcastically blame the mother who has given birth a girl.
Worst of all, in many cases, the mothers who have given birth girl are not pleased due to their new born girl babies and see at their new born baby girl with hate and disappointedly feel shame.
She added, in the wake of birth, the girl in this country lose her value and popularity first of all in the family and cannot live as per her wishes. Since childhood the due to her sex girl is ordered not to laugh with loud voice, not to eat during walking, listen to her younger brother’s words, don’t talk with boys and be occupied with her home works. This girl when enter the society out of home realizes that she is dealt as a second sex.
She went on to say, beside traditions, illiteracy and poverty cause gender discrimination between girls and boys as most of the Afghan families are proud to have more boys but think on girls contrary.
Premature or under aged marriages are another problem that has affected the Afghan girls, a phenomenon that emanates from the original outlook of men than women. In most cases, this conception lead to merciless violences against innocent girls and even murder of these under aged newlywed brides.
She said that the worst time for girls and women was the petrified rule of terrorist Taliban. They were deprived of education, work and free movement. Restricting the conditions, Taliban provoked hate, wrath and indignation of girls against themselves. Overwhelming majority of girls and women consider the Taliban rule as a bad luck for people. Following the establishment of interim administration led by Hamid Karzai, better opportunities were provided to girls and women. In post-Taliban system beside other things education and employment chances were available to girls that changed the life of thousands girls. Today out of about nine million school students, over 40 pc are girls. But the problem has not been solved. Data on violence against girls and women are shocking. Innocent girls are mercilessly murdered, exchanged and in rural and even urban areas, local powerful people abuse girls and women and several other tragic incidents. Beside all these, efforts are also underway to salvate the girls from this situation. Zeinath Ali a young girl said, majority of girls are not aware of this day (Oct 11th). The government should undertake vast programs for girls to be aware of this day.
In recent years, girls have made considerable progresses and wish to reach ideal life.
Mina is a student of a Kabul school, following just turning on the TV, she knows that today is G.W.D but she doesn’t care. She said, only so-called celebration of G.W.D cannot make the girls happy. More works should be done for girls to make them sincerely pleased and celebrate this day.

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