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Main factors behind increasing air pollution in Kabul

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By: Masouda Qarizada

The air pollution is one of the main factors behind warming of earth and change of climate, that has been changed into a serious global challenge.
The majority of industrial cities of the world are grappling with the crisis of air pollution and its destructive sanative aftermaths. Despite Afghanistan is not an industrial country, but is seriously impressing from aftermaths of climate change.
Drought, flash floods, landslide and reduction of water resources in recent years seriously threatening Afghanistan’s major cities which is definitely from among aftermaths of global climate change.
But, unlimited air pollution in Kabul and other large cities of the country stem from problems and inattention inside of the country. Today, Kabul is changed into one of world most polluted cities from air point of view.
Last year, a US meteorology institution in the name of “Air visual” placed Kabul city in the top list of the most polluted cities of the world. Based on its schedule that released in month of Qaus of last solar year, with having 353 grade pollution, this city topped as the most air polluted cities in the world.
Kabul city that is built for living of less than one million people, today, this is housing about six million population. Within recent years, this city was the witness of more growth of population and expansion of unplanned areas. This has direct role in pollution of the air.
The unplanned area covers 80 percent areas of the city. This city is depriving from having regular water supply system, electricity, gas and canalization. Majority of houses are built from mud. Streets, lanes and avenues are not asphalted properly too.
Another reason behind air pollution of Kabul city is the import of low-quality fuel to the city which are being used in transportation means. Although, the administration of norm and standard and institutions concerned proclaim that the import of low-quality fuel is prevented but so far, the same being imported to the country.
Illegal trading, smuggling and mafia collusions play its role in illegal import of low-quality fuel to the country.
Old vehicles
Kabul is witnessing of great number of small and large vehicles. Every resident wants to have a motor vehicle for itself. Majority of these vehicles are old and second hand that are importing from producing countries.
There is no more limitation in import of vehicles in Afghanistan. Those vehicles which are being imported not checked from standard point of view, such old vehicles play their role in pollution of air of Kabul city.
There is no clear program for prevention of the import of old and non-standard and second hand vehicles to the country.
Medical experts believe most of the health diseases, including that of heart and breathing are stemmed from air pollution. According to environmental experts, the danger of air pollution in Kabul city is not lesser than war and terrorist attacks. This issue should be taken seriously by government and citizens and joint efforts should be made to remove it.

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